Welcome to the Roselle Preschool

We hope our website conveys the enthusiasm and dedication of all our staff and the fun and engaging learning environment we provide to our children.

At the Roselle Preschool we want the best for your child. We know that parents and teachers, working together, can do wonderful things for children. That is why, we invite you to be part of our program. Please, speak with your child’s teacher and set an appointment to visit the classroom and spend some time with your child’s classmates.

We are committed to providing the highest quality early childhood educational experience for your child.

      Ms. Angela Robinson                                               Ms. Alana Palumbo
Supervisor of Special services/Pre-K-12                  Head Teacher

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  February 2015  
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  • For information on registration, call Jennifer Smith at (908)298-2040 ext 2558 or click here.
  • Registration packets are available at the preschool.
  • Placement is on a first come basis
  • Registration is approaching, please click to find the Dates for Registration.